“It is not a currency. It is not a unit of account, it is not a means of payment, it is not a stable store of value. Secondly, it is not even an asset. There is no income. There is no use. There is no utility. The only thing is a speculative, self-fulfilling kind of rise, and that rise is driven totally by manipulation. — Roubini

Edward Bernays, the man who created the modern elite. (aka The father of spin)

You thought fake news was invented with the rise of the social media Orwellian spy networks?
You are wrong.

Meet Edward Bernays, the probably most influential early spin doctor. This man is in part responsible for women picking up smoking, the first banana republic and the way information is molded and spun in present day society.

Especially the Green Ball spin (Getting women to smoke more Lucky Strikes) is an excellent example of how to use influencers and celebrities to make stupid stuff look cool.
You need a reason to avoid influencers and other spineless for-sale mofos?

Then Wikipedia has a rather good article about Bernays that you really shouldn’t miss.

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