Inflation in 2023


Let’s be nice and say that the money supply has tripled since 2020. Prices have risen by about 30% by now. Which means that the inflation will be here for quit a while longer. A simple case of too much money chasing too few assets.
I expect the prices for the basic necessities like food and rent will more than double before we reach the end of the transitory phase.

Inflation is really ALWAYS transitory. Many people think that even the universe is transitory.

You know it by know. We are fucked.

Inflation then and now

NOW – Dollars in circulation (M1)

retrieved from FRED, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, February 9, 2021

THEN – Silver content of a Roman Denarius


Quoted from:,_Comparisons_and_silver_content

Silver content plummeted across the lifespan of the denarius. Under the Roman Empire (after Nero) the denarius contained approximately 50 grains, 3.24 grams, or ​110 (0.105ozt) troy ounce. The fineness of the silver content varied with political and economic circumstances. From a purity of greater than 90% silver in the 1st century AD, the denarius fell to under 60% purity by AD 200, and plummeted to 5% purity by AD 300.[16] By the reign of Gallienus, the antoninianus was a copper coin with a thin silver wash.[17]

Remember, after the Roman Empire dissolved it was replaced with tribalism, superstition and the christian cult of fear!