Install Pi-hole on Volumio.

  • Install Volumio the normal way.
  • Set Volumio to accept ssh connections in the developer settings.
  • Open a ssh session to volumio.local and run the Pi-hole install script.
  • Open /etc/lighttpd/lighttpd.conf and set these values:
    server.port = 8080
    server.errorlog = "/tmp/lighttpd_error.log"
    accesslog.filename = "/tmp/lighttpd_access.log"
  • Reload the lighttpd settings with sudo service lighttpd reload or reboot the Raspberry Pi.
  • Go to the Pi-hole web interface at http://volumio.local:8080/admin/
  • (Optional) Set a default web page at the web root:
    cd /var/www/html/
    cp index.lighttpd.orig index.html

    Or set your own index page.

And while you are at it, stop the dhcp-daemon and delete the secondary IP address.


Add password to Apache2 directory.

Put something like this in your sitename.conf:

<IfModule mod_ssl.c>
<VirtualHost *:443>
DocumentRoot "/mnt/music"

<Directory "/mnt/music">
  Allow from all
  AuthUserFile /var/www/
  AuthType Basic
  AuthName "muziek"
  Require valid-user

CustomLog "|/usr/bin/rotatelogs /var/www/ 86400" vhost_combined env=!dontlog
ErrorLog "|/usr/bin/rotatelogs /var/www/ 86400"



Use htpasswd -c /var/www/ $USERNAME to create the .wachtwoord file.

Upload hosts file naar OnePlus 6T.

Voor thuis heeft Cellie Pi-hole, Adblock, uBlock en ScriptSafe om de al te opdringerige ad en tracking shit content te negeren.
Op de foon (vanwege data over 4G) is het iets meer werk.
Daar is de oplossing naast DNS66 een aangepast hosts file om de fuckers te weren.
Het hosts file is te vinden in /system/etc. (op de foon)
Proberen om naïef Android bestanden in /system/etc te overschrijven loopt spaak.
De mount -o rw,remount /system via adb shell truuk werkt ook niet zonder meer.
Geen foutmelding, maar deze melding bij het uploaden in fastboot modus:

sudo adb push '/media/newstore/hosts/hosts' /system/etc 
failed to copy '/media/newstore/hosts/hosts' to '/system/etc/hosts': couldn't create file: Read-only file system

Na het nodige geduckduck bleek het nogal mee te vallen:

adb disable-verity
adb reboot
adb root
adb remount
sudo adb push '/media/newstore/hosts/hosts' /system/etc
4162 KB/s (334757 bytes in 0.078s)
adb reboot

Bye-bye and fuck you social spy networks!