AquaControl GitHub.

Nu het allemaal wat uit de hand begint te lopen gaan we nog een bord erbij hoog proberen te houden.
De versie controle voert met de ad-hoc benadering van Cellie tot onverwachte en ongewenste vergissingen.
De AquaControl ontwikkeling zal daarom de komende tijd naar Github verhuizen.

Cellie’s GitHub.


Als Cellie de in en outs kent zal het vast allemaal makkelijker zijn.

3 thoughts on “AquaControl GitHub.

  1. Hi,
    I am trying to work on your project “Aquacontrol2″with nodemcu. The firmware is already downloaded on esp8266 and running fine. I can edit the system settings, able to delete and upload files from filemanager. But unfortunately I am not able to edit the scheduler. Can you please help me? Is possible for you to make a video for editing.
    Another thing which I noticed that when I changed the time zone, new time is one hour plus from the current time.
    My requirement is to control a relay as per schedule.
    Waiting for your reply.
    With kind regards,

    • Sorry for the late reply.

      Could you please take up the issue at github?
      I don’t really check the comment section at this site.

  2. I probably solved your editing problem.
    The one hour time difference is due to the fact that I correct for DST.
    Will make a switch on the web interface to switch DST on/off.
    Thanks for your feedback!

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